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Mask KN95 - LPGF

Availability: Yes

product code: 88631

section: masks

category: special



1. Hold the earloops respectively with your hands so that the nose clips
    is located above the mask, making the mask against the chin.
2. Hang the earloop on the ear, and adjust it to a more comfortable state.
3. Press the nose clip with your index finger and middle finger of
    both hands from the central neck to both sides at the same time until
    they cling to the ears.
4. Cover the mask with both hands as much as possible, and conduct direct
    and vertical compression tests to ensure the tightness of the mask.
5. Check the tightness of the mask to the face before entering the work area.

    Be applicable to protect droplets, PM2.5, industrial dust, fog and smoke.

1. Before use, the overall appearance of the mask should be free from damage
    or pollution, with the earloops that are in good elasticity and the nose
    clip that is free from damage or fracture.
2. For masks with respiratory valve, check whether the valve plate falls off
    or is damaged before use.
3. When you feel dyspnea, dizziness or other discomfort, please leave the
    contaminated area immediately.
4. When the respiratory resistance of the mask increases, replace the mask

1. It must be properly stored and kept away from contaminated areas.
2. Prevent mechanical extrusion, humidity, high temperature, sunlight
    exposure and contact with corrosive chemicals.
3. It is recommended that the product be stored at 0 C – 25 C and below 50%
    relative humidity.

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